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Our service ethos focuses on websites with a high-quality, professional and contemporary look and ease-of-use in mind. We strive to provide an approachable and intelligent service that focuses on meeting your business needs by delivering high quality, creative solutions. We’ll guide you through the process – and layout the costs clearly – so you can reach a decision quickly and with confidence.

Website Design

Our design philosophy emphasises a high-quality, professional and contemporary look with ease-of-use in mind.

We strive to provide an approachable, intelligent service that focuses on meeting your needs by delivering high quality, creative solutions. We guide you through the process – and layout the costs clearly - so you can reach a decision quickly and confidently.

Manage Your Own Site

It's your website so you should be able to add content, upload images and manage website content yourself - when & where you want to, right?

We favour Wordpress - the internet's leading open-source platform as the foundation for many of our client's sites because of its simple administration features and its innate ability to scale and grow with your needs.

Web Hosting & Domains

Every website needs to live on a server somewhere. We take the hassle out of digging through thousands of different web hosts hoping to find a reliable one.

Need a new domain name? This will be one of the most important decisions for your online presence. We advise best practice and help you avoid some of the pitfalls associated with choosing a domain name.

Logo & Branding

Your logo is more than your name, it's your brand. We can help establish a modern, professional look for your new business with our logo & identity design services.

Many companies undervalue the importance of a brand for their product or organisation. It is so much more than a logo, it's what your customers use for reassurance when choosing you over a similar competitor.

Web Marketing

What is the point of having a website nobody knows about? How can 100,000 daily visitors provide no new business? Because they are the wrong visitors.

With effective web marketing strategies such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click management and email campaigns more traffic that is highly targeted will end up at your website.


We are here to help take your ideas and transform them into a successful online business. We're experts in every nuance of e-commerce from security to marketing so you know you are making the most of your budget.

We strive to make the process as clean and simple & secure for all your potential clients so they experience a seamless, stress free shopping experience.

Photography & Video

The images & video assets on your site are absolutely critical to the success, appeal and visitor experience. At SeaDog IT we prefer, where possible, to produce the images and video that will be used on your site.

We've taken shots in factories, muddy fields and churning seas and some of our media has been used in posters, magazines and advertising - as well as on our websites.

Content & Copywriting

At SeaDog IT we refer to it as the 3C's. That's Clear, Concise, Communication. Your website needs to stand out from the crowd with sentences and text crafted in a style that's appropriate for your target audience.

This means quality content that will keep the client engaged, stimulated - and, sometimes, even entertained. At SeaDog IT we understand that there's a skill to creating great content and we'll focus on your customer when writing it - as well as ensuring that keywords to pull in search engines are featured throughout the site.

Social Media

Social Media has grown dramatically in recent years and, in case you haven't noticed, is now one of the primary ways the internet is used.

We regularly set up, style and manage Twitter and Facebook accounts for our clients and link in the news section of your website to these services so that good stuff is automatically sent out to your followers on both services.

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